On this page, we will provide the Alight Motion application file, and you can use it to create graphics design and video editing for free. For those of you who are interested, the application also includes a complete and functional editor and animation system that offers several visual effects to use. In the application library, you can access thousands of  animated images and graphics 


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You can try out many effects and animations in your video editing projects and choose the one that suits you best. With it, users can easily enhance or remove many unnecessary things in videos, including special effects and more. 

For example, you can perform all related video editing tasks such as trimming, mirroring, adding music, effects, animation, slow motion, speed adjustment, color adjustment, filters and so on. 


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  You can download the Alight Motion mobile video editor app for free on your Android and iOS smartphones for easy video editing. Alight Motion Pro is an Android application where users can create motion graphics, animations and edit videos with powerful tools. 

This app will help you make a real movie with all the latest app features and options like animation, compositing, professional level visual effects, etc. 

There are many options, from color correction to edge animation ,and editing tools that you will use in your videos. But before you can enjoy it all, you need to save Alight Motion.  




There is no official version of Alight Motion for computer, if you have a PC or laptop, you should be able to run the app using a mortal Android. You can start working on a modern canvas and import your media for editing.

 Alight Motion is one of the few professional graphics applications that offers quality animation and visual effects. Those of you who are interested in creating videos and animations can create professional motion graphics and video clips on your smartphone with Alight Motion. 

However, the app provides a great set of tools that users can use to edit captured movies and photos.Tt empowers you with many new features like lightning bolts, ghost cards… Have fun using video editing app. Not only images, but also turn them into videos by adding visual motion effects and keyframe animation. 



Create professional videos for your social platforms, learn new editing techniques, and improve your camera skills with Alight Motion. Alight Motion is a versatile and great application that helps users create high-quality videos, including animations and many other effects. 

 It’s easy to use and offers many benefits for graphic designers, photographers… With an easy-to-use interface and great features, Alight Motion is sure to create stunning videos. It also offers amazing features with which you can edit videos and actions like a pro.


The keyframing feature is really great in AlightMotion, and the motion blur as well as the advanced features make it an awesome app. Keyframe Animation This is one of the best and coolest features of Alight Motion Mod Apk. Keyframes are frame-by-frame video animations that can be edited frame by frame.

You can add custom elements and edit video animation one frame at a time, which means you can edit animation video in detail. There are many elements available in the app itself that you can add to your animated video frame. Not only that, you can import video clips into animation and apply effects to them.


To create 3D video and animation, you must use the blend mode. In blend mode, you can easily add layers to animations and graphic in AlightMotion  illustrations to make them look versatile.For more about AlightMotion tutorials please follow me in my official YouTube channel 



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