What is insurance ?

Hai friends welcome to our new Blog Post what is insurance I heard we talk about  insurance. 

1.what is insurance ?

 Insurance is something that  protects you financially against your loss. It save your property value or life insurance  which means that if something goes wrong,the insurance company will pay you.

 2. what can be covered by the insurance?

  Anything of value what ever it vehicle, home ,health, Life insurance, and more can be covered by insurance. For example, a house,the contents of the house or whatever’s inside the house, a car or someone’s life or vehicle what ever it maybe 

Let take a example you are a piano player  so your fingers are very important .you can cover your fingers with insurance, and soccer player  legs are very important so you can cover to your legs with insurance. 

What is insurance
What is insurance 

 3.How does insurance even work?

 We pay a premium or amount of money to the insurance company, by installments or one time it depends on company so that the insurance company ,can pay you if whatever you have insured item gets damaged, or destroyed or stolen. Now you  have to file an insurance claim to let the insurance money company know that something has happened. and they will pay insurance ammount 

 4 The insurance really expansive?

  It totally depends on what you insure and the kind of insurance. For example,home insurance that covers fire and the won’t be very expensive. But if you also add insurance for flooding in a coastal area or are around a river, it can become more expensive.Does the amount of money that you pay to the insurance company, or premium, change?

 Again, it depends on the insurance type that you have. It life insurance,or other insurance

  the premiums usually will not change from one year to another if you have bought it for a long term.But for other kinds of insurance, like home insurance and car insurance,

 The rates of premium can change every year by year you pay insurance money by installments.The insurance premium usually will go up after you  claim it very easy way Now tell the insurance company agent to pay you insurance money because  whatever you have insured gets damaged destroyed or stolen and they pay you.

 How many years are you gonna be covered in insurance ?

 Like,  the insurance company pay you if something happens forever, or just for a certain amount of time? ,the insurance company will pay you the insurance amount of time you have bought the insurance money

   For example, life insurance can be bought for many years, but most other kinds of insurance are bought for a year and they need to be renewed or paid again every year. 


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 5.Who should even have insurance?

  Everyone should have insurance. And depending on what you own and whether you have any dependents,You may have different types of insurance or different types of insurance.  We will cover coming blog posts  

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